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If you are involved in a legal action involving an insurance dispute we can help you find justice.

Notwithstanding the specific type of insurance dispute that you are involved in, our firm offers strong and diligent legal representation. We are confident that no matter what the action is, we will give you the best possible chance at a favorable legal outcome.

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Family Law

Domestic Legal challenges can be complex and stressful ordeals. When faced with legal issues in the family it is critical that you have a strong legal team in your corner advocating for your rights. There are many factors to consider and take into account when dealing with domestic legal issues and we will ensure that your rights as a parent are protected and guarded against during domestic legal actions.

Whether you are facing a divorce action, custody hearings or other domestic legal issues, our firm is well versed in all aspects of family law and will provide best in class legal representation, giving you the best possible chance for a favorable outcome.

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Criminal Law

If you are faced with criminal charges and the possibility of incarceration there is nothing more important than hiring the best possible criminal law attorney you can to represent you against the government.

Criminal Law is an important area of practice for our law firm and an area of law that we excel in. Don’t risk your future by retaining the wrong attorney in a criminal action. The Northcutt Law Firm will stand by your side as a fierce and devoted legal ally to best represent you against criminal actions ranging from misdemeanors, felonies or drug/alcohol charges.

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Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law is another important area of focus for our law practice. Being based in Oklahoma has given rise to our critical knowledge and experience in property and livestock law.

If you are looking to make critical decision about the management of your land, property or livestock, we can serve as a discerning and capable legal ally to ensure that any business dealings you conduct with your property are performed with diligence.

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Social Security Disability

If you are no longer able to work because of chronic pain, disability or injury allow The Northcutt Law Firm to help you apply for Social Security disability benefits. We can serve as strong legal advocates when dealing with the Social Security Administration which can be a complicated bureaucracy. Our law practice is well versed on disability claims and have successfully represented claimants in Social Security disability (SSDI), Disabled Adult Child (DAC), and SSI claims. We are highly familiar with laws and regulations of this specialized area of law and would be honored to navigate them on your behalf. There is no reason to wait until you claim is denied before speaking with us. Moreover, having an attorney oversee the application process will reduce the chance of your claim being denied.

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